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Erwin Saputra


Erwin Saputra

I started my career as a business strategist for an investment management company based in Los Angeles, where I helped it grow in the European and Asia-Pacific markets. After completing my MBA at INSEAD, I joined Southeast Asia's leading e-commerce marketplace and built the company's fulfillment service from scratch, growing the service to a 500-person operation in five years. I have been with the company since the early days and supported it through its IPO in 2022.

I lead with empathy. I seek to actively listen to customers, colleagues, and partners. This approach has enabled continuous growth across different geographical locations and industries.

Currently, I reside in Los Angeles with my wife, Joyce. During my leisure time, I enjoy activities such as surfing, yoga, and exploring the diverse culinary scene in LA.


My goal is to help business owners preserve their legacies. If you are a business owner looking to retire or know someone who is, I would be delighted to connect with you.

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